Raspberries on the hillside…

Ever taken a walk through the forest and seen some ripe berries on the side? Ever tried a few truly organic berries grown au natural? Ever wanted them in the garden?

I’ve discovered that here in Europe it is really easy to find wild berries. Go slightly off of the path and there is often berries galor. All you have to do is pick them.

But wouldn’t it be nice to have them in the garden? Just imagine…Fresh berries to breakfast…or to that cheesecake…or send the kids out with buckets and let them have some fun for an hour or two.

Our abode abutts a small downslope hillside which gets more than its fair share of sunshine and which retains a fair amount of moisture. Excellent berry site.

But how hard is it to actually get berries to take root and establish itself so that it is self sustaining?

Turns out…quite easily.